Barbara Roufs

The Secrets Behind Barbara Roufs Death

Barbara Roufs, the iconic drag racing champion from America, tragically passed away in January 1991. She was among the most outstanding athletes who dedicated herself to the world of competitive racing.

Born in 1944 as an American drag race trophy girl in Southern California, Barbara Roufs was a beauty with a purpose. Her roots were deeply connected to American soil.

Famous for her remarkable beauty, Barbara rose to prominence as a young woman. Moreover, she significantly contributed to the group’s life and happiness.

In 1991, Barbara Roufs bid farewell to this world at the age of 47. In this brief overview of her life, we will delve into her employment, wealth, and marriage during her short-lived journey. Therefore, let’s summarize Barbara Roufs story and the reasons behind her demise.

Barbara Roufs: Quick Fact

Full NameBarbara Roufs
NicknameRacing Trophy Girl
Date Of Birth1944
Date of DeathJanuary 1991
Age at Death:47 (Until 1991)
Place of BirthCalifornia, United States
Sexual OrientationStraight
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight55 kg
ParentsThelma Ruby Reilly and Wayne Eldon Reilly
SiblingsVivian Dayton, James, Bruce, Ben Gob
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenJet Dougherty
ProfessionTrophy Girl, Model

Barbara Roufs Life Before Death

As the drag racing industry was gearing up in the heydays of the 1960s, Barbara Roufs made her entry into the scene as a trophy girl in the early 1970s. The recent model has replaced the older models of cars, while the seats behind the wheel of the old dragster engines have transformed into a throne for the driver. Over time, the automotive texts have become more refined, creating a spectacle for racing enthusiasts. This evolution has also prepared a feast for racing fans.

Among the notable transformations include the elongation of women’s hair, the scrunching of their shorts, and the flicker of their bras. However, Barbara stood out as the exemplary girl for the trophy, thanks to her long straight hair, windblown freedom tank tops, and vintage 1960 go-go boots. During the era of the Professional Dragster Association in California, only women with Barbara Roufs height, physique, and beauty were deemed suitable for this role. Thus, with enthusiasm, vibrancy, and a dash of audacity, she carved a niche for herself in the racing circuits, earning her a well-deserved fame.

Barbara Roufs: A Glimpse into Her Professional Life

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Roufs performed as a drag racing trophy girl. At the Orange County International Raceway’s annual United States Professional Dragster Championship, she clinched the crown, marking the pinnacle of her racing achievements. Furthermore, in 1973, Barbara was the champion of the Professional Dragster Association (PDA).

Despite her advancing age, Barbara remained a favorite among racers and spectators alike. Her charisma caught the attention of producers and other companies looking to market their products to drag racing enthusiasts. Consequently, Barbara gained such popularity that her face could be easily spotted on advertisements and T-shirts. Many turned to her for support in breathing life into the world of drag racing.

She played a crucial role as drag racing underwent a transformation from the era of the 1960s to the 1970s. Racers were swapping their old models for more powerful engines, and Barbara, with her prominence, became a symbol of this change. The racers presented trophies to victors, but what truly made her a household name in the PDA was her astonishing beauty, setting her apart in the world of drag racing.

Is Barbara from a Family?

Barbara had a child, and she was married. The child’s name was Jet Dougherty, and at the time of her passing, Jet was 29 years old. Furthermore, details about Barbara’s husband remain a mystery.

In 2016, when renowned photographer Tom West shared old photos of Barbara Roufs’ daughter, it left everyone astonished.

Jet Dougherty shared some memories of her mother on Facebook, claiming that her life was tragically cut short. Despite being intense and captivating, it was a life filled with poignant moments. Despite the emotional weight, Jet expressed hope for finding genuine happiness after seeing her mother online.

Moreover, Barbara Roufs’ granddaughter, Crystal Dougherty, who appeared delighted in the pictures, wrote the following: She recognizes her physical allure and is confident.

How Did Barbara Roufs’ Life Conclude?

Barbara’s daughter Jet mentioned her mother’s passing in 1991. However, despite the acknowledgment, the cause of Roufs’ death was reported as suicide, though the motives behind the act remain unknown.

At the time of her passing, Barbara Roufs, aged 47, resided with her family in Fresno, California.

What Was Barbara’s Net Worth Before Her Death?

Barbara’s career spanned the modeling scene of the 1970s and her time as a drag racing trophy girl. During this era, the exact earnings of trophy girls were not transparent. Nevertheless, she earned money through salaries. Barbara’s 1970s modeling provides some famous images online. Her estimated net worth was around $1.5 million.


Barbara Roufs, born in Southern California, was not just a drag racing champion but also a model. Nevertheless, she gained popularity in the 1970s when drag racing was making new strides in automotive fame. Despite her age, Roufs set herself apart from other trophy-winning girls by securing victories at the age of 29. Additionally, her distinctive features, including short straight hair and go-go boots from the 1960s, added to her allure.

Unfortunately, in January 1991, Barbara Roufs tragically took her own life. Her untimely death marked the end of a life that had once shone brightly in the world of drag racing and modeling during the dynamic era of the 1970s.


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