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Meet Janet Condra- Larry Bird’s ex-wife – Bio, Net-Worth, Age

No doubt that celebrity family members also become popular because of their relationship. They become a highlighted part of their society by coming from nowhere. Janet Condra is one of those women in the world who became popular due to this reason.

She is still a part of highlights and discussed in some particular circles, not because of her skills, but because of her relationship. Don’t you want to know about her in detail? You must be because you have to come to this page for information about Larry Bird’s wife.

Who is Janet Condra?

Janet Condra is the ex-wife of the most popular basketball icon of all time, Larry Bird. She became a prominent name after her marriage to this basketball icon. There is nothing wrong with the saying that Larry is the best basketball player of all time.

He is not only a player but also a coach and executive of NBA (National Basketball Association). Before her marriage with the icon, she was not discussed even in a single line in the international media.

As Janet Condra was not a celebrity before her marriage, no birth date or place has been disclosed about her. The news has shown that she was born in the 1960s but the exact date is still a mystery.

Undoubtedly, Janet and Larry’s marriage didn’t last for a long time but it helped Condra to become famous in the showbiz industry. They got married in 1976 and divorced just a year later in 1977.

Why Janet is famous?

Many people think that Janet Condra’s net worth makes her popular which is completely wrong. She doesn’t have enough wealth to be prominent in this industry.

We will show you later how much net worth she has. But the main reason for her popularity is the wife of the basketball player. Being Larry Bird’s wife, she became part of multiple parties, events, and organizational gatherings.

These events helped her to gain the attention of the media and make her start as the wife of the basketball icon. Almost every basketball lover knows about her because of the reference to Larry.

How did Larry and Janet get married?

It is really interesting to know about the marriage of Larry and Janet as they haven’t dated for a long. She didn’t become part of any highlights before her marriage which shows that they don’t date for a long time.

Actually, Larry and Janet knew each other from their high school. They became friends in the beginning and got married later in 1976. But the thing to consider is that they didn’t disclose their relationship for a long time.

Even their friends didn’t have any idea about their love life. That’s why, she came from nowhere and dominated the field of showbiz because of her marriage. She became more prominent in the news when they got divorced with a daughter after a year of marriage.

What is Janet Condra’s net worth?

As Janet Condra’s marriage didn’t last for long, she hadn’t disclosed her wealth. But the rumors claimed that she got a huge amount as a divorce agreement by Larry Bird.

Similarly, Janet Condra’s net worth is still unknown by many resources. But her life biography written by a well-known author showed her net worth of around $0.5 million.

It is nothing compared to Larry Bird’s net worth which is around $75 million. Isn’t it enough to show you that her net worth was not the reason for her popularity? The rumors claim that Larry had to pay a lot to Janet in return for the divorce agreement.

Janet Condra Personal Life Details

You have enough information about your favorite basketball player’s ex-wife. Let’s have a look at your personal details of Janet here. Undoubtedly, she didn’t disclose this information but we will try to share whatever is available on the internet.

Parents & Siblings

Being an ordinary girl before her marriage, Janet’s personal details like blood relations haven’t been disclosed. As her marriage lasted for a short time, she didn’t come to any interview to disclose these details. In simple words, no one knows in the showbiz industry about Janet Condra’s parents and siblings.

The only available information about her is that she was born in Indiana, US in the mid-1960s. Along with this, the details about her relationship with in-laws are available due to Larry Bird’s fame.

She is an American nationality holder girl who grew up under the laws of the country and joined some famous schools in her early life. Springs Valley High School is the most famous among the other institutes she joined. This is the same school where she met Larry and their love life got a push.

Age, Height, and Weight

Janet Condra’s age, height, and weight measurements haven’t been known by any facts disclosure platform. The only information we have is she is a white colored woman with a blonde hair color.

Her complexity measurements are not known exactly but the pictures showed that she was a good-looking lady at her young age. She has brown colored eyes which makes her beauty more appealing.

Undoubtedly, the exact weight and height are not known but the general reports are that she was a normal slim girl.


The only information available about Janet Condra’s education is that she joined Springs Valley High School. No one has more information than this which means we don’t know whether she continued her studies or dropped them.

Similarly, we don’t know about her early educational institutes where she was grown up.


Janet Condra’s religion is Christianity. She is a Christian with Caucasian Ethnicity.


No information about Janet Condra’s job is available till now. No doubt, she joined a company to raise her daughter after the divorce from Larry. But the name of the company and her designation are still unknown.

We don’t know what was her profession at that time or what is she doing now.


Janet has only one daughter named Corrie Bird who was born in 1977. She is the daughter of Janet and Larry. After the divorce, she lived and grew up with Janet as per the divorce agreement signed between Condra and Bird.

After her divorce, Janet didn’t marry any other man in her life. But Larry married another woman named Mattingly and they adopted two children.


Who is Janet Condra?

She is the ex-wife of the basketball icon Larry Bird.

How old is Janet Condra now?

Janet is about 50 to 60 years old but the exact age is unknown as their date of birth is now known.

Is Janet Condra married now?

No, Janet is still living as a single mom. She didn’t marry any guy after her divorce from Larry.

How long does Janet and Larry’s marriage last?

Janet and Larry divorced after a year of their marriage.

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