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Who is Rayna Tyson? Mike’s Daughter’s Profession, Net Worth, and Gender

Not every superstar’s children become superstars but some try to become a prominent name in their favorite fields. Rayna Tyson is one of those celebrity children who are listed among those few who try hard.

Don’t you know who is Rayna Tyson and to which celebrity she belongs? This blog is written for you as we will show you a comprehensive overview of her and let you know about her life’s important events.

Who is Rayna Tyson?

Rayna Tyson is the daughter of the well-known ex-boxing champion Mike Tyson. Rayna was her former name and she has now converted to Ramsey. She was born on 14 February 1996 and grew up like a girl. Later on, she was converted to non-binary gender which means that she is neither a male nor a female.

At this time, Rayna Tyson age is about 27 years. She is working as a social activist and filmmaker. The legendary boxing star, Mike Tyson, gave her a life that is far from the access of ordinary children. It played a crucial role in the development of Rayna’s character and skills.

She has gone through different schools and institutes to learn more about the skills related to her favorite field. Along with this, she has worked under the supervision of different famous professionals in the field.

Rayna Tyson’s Birth and Childhood

From birth and childhood to her young age, Mike gave her daughter a life full of luxuries. She was born to Mike’s second wife Monica Teresa. Their parents got married in 1990 and Ramsey was their first child.

So, they gave her enough attention to grow her and achieve her aim in life. Rayna completed her early education in her native town where she was born.  She aimed to build a career in film making for which she moved to America and got admission to the New York University Film School in 2014.

This was the point that gave a perfect shape to Rayna Tyson’s career and pushed her to be a member of the production team. As she got her professional degree from America and started working here, she got American nationality to work seamlessly without any borders.

Rayna Tyson’s career?

Mostly, people think that Rayna Tyson’s career revolves around filmmaking only. Undoubtedly, her professional career belongs to this field. But she is also working as a social activist to help members of her community.

Being a Bisexual and the daughter of Mike Tyson, she got the opportunity to work for her community of Bisexuals. She is working as an activist to help her community and let them face the community with dignity.

Rayna Tyson family tried to hide this fact in the beginning. But when they came to know about her non-binary character, they didn’t only accept it but also let their daughter grow with respect. It helped Ramsey former Rayna face the world without hesitation.

Most Famous Movie by Rayna Tyson

As mentioned earlier, the main career of Rayna is filmmaking, she has participated as a production assistant in a few movies. Undoubtedly, she hasn’t produced or directed the whole movie as a solo director. But she has worked as an assistant with many famous Hollywood directors.

One of the most famous movies of all time, i.e. Joke (2019), was her most famous movie. She worked as a production assistant to learn the field properly and be proficient in it.

Rayna Tyson’s siblings

Amir Tyson, the attractive celebrity, is a year younger than his sister. He’s known as the son of the famous boxer, Mike Tyson, and has gained recognition in the business world. Amir founded “Debonair Attire” during his teenage years and appears to have achieved financial success, evident from his Instagram posts. In contrast to his sister, Rayna Tyson, who is also a successful entrepreneur, Amir is more actively involved in media and frequently updates his social media profiles.

Mike Tyson has a total of five children from previous relationships, in addition to those from his second marriage. Among Mikey Rayna’s half-siblings are Lorna Tyson, Miguel Leon Tyson, Morocco Tyson, Milan Tyson, and the late Exodus Tyson. Rayna enjoys a harmonious relationship with all her family members.

Rayna Tyson’s Net Worth?

Ramsey hasn’t worked on multiple projects which made her net worth lower than other producers and directors. According to reports, Rayna Tyson’s net worth is about $500k. She hasn’t made enough amounts to show her net worth because she has worked a little in the field.

Her main focus is on helping her community of non-binary people. She was the one who encountered Bookie and confronted his comments about the Transphobic community. It was a popular occasion in which Ramsey stood for Dwayne Wade’s son who was getting recognized as a female after a few years of her birth.

Rayna Tyson Family

Rayna’s Tyson mother’s name is Monica she got married to Mike Tyson in 1990. Rayna’s Tyson parents’ marriage was unstable due to why they got separated when Ramsey’s age was only 6 years old. She lived with her both parents but spent most time with her father.

As Mike married three times, Rayna Tyson’s siblings list includes both step and real brothers and sisters. Miguel Tyson, Exodus, Milan, Morocco, and Mikey Lorna Tyson are Ramsey’s half-siblings. Sadly, Exodus died at the age of 4.

Amir is the only true brother of Rayna who supported her in facing reality and growing in a community of non-binary people. Undoubtedly, the entire family of Ramsey supported her but Amir remained with her in every thick and thin of the life. 


How old is Rayna Tyson?

Rayna Tyson age in 2023 is about 27 years.

What is Rayna Tyson’s height?

Rayna Tyson is 5 feet tall.

Who is Mike Tyson’s daughter?

Mike Tyson has 4 daughters but Rayna Tyson is famous all because of her non-binary nature and filmmaking work.

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